If you are a photographer or artist who wants to work with me.

So I’m making a list of all the photographers from all the different areas that want to work with me.My rates are low or I will do TFP if I can sell copies of one of the prints from the shoot and also if I need you to take pic’s of my artwork or it’s for a publication or something I need.I travel all over the USA so I’m always looking for new folks to work with.Ok I’m beyond disorganized so maybe this will help :P.Either message me ugly6@bellsouth.net or reply to this post.


~ by uglyshyla on March 24, 2011.

One Response to “If you are a photographer or artist who wants to work with me.”

  1. Location: South Eastern, Ontario/Upper State, New York
    Funding: I’m a broke ass, so paying gigs are currently out of the question.
    Contract: Is for suit-wearing flying monkeys. Photos to use at your leisure… maaaybe some Meatwerx Photos for me.

    Nothing to worry about…
    other than… perhaps; disembodiement, dismemberment, decapitation, dissection, disembowelments, disintegration, desensitization… etc.,…

    .. but I’m sure you’re used to that.

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